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Based on the outskirts of the historical Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda, we live to source and spin the most beautiful natural yarns that we can imagine. During the journey from lamb to yarn, our fibers pass through many hands, each adding their unique contribution to the magic of Karoo Moon. Since the very beginning we have strived to work within our local communities to train and empower women to continue the artisanal traditions of hand spinning and dying.

Our vision was birthed by the mother of our very own Judi, Sheila Knott. Her passion to create lasting change in the community of Kei Road in the Eastern Cape lead to her sharing the art of hand-dying, traditional spinning and knitting to the first employees of what was then known as Knotty Crafts. Our passion for natural yarns further grew after Judi met her husband, and they moved the business to their farm in the valley of Nieu Bethesda. Their combined love of sheep and yarns transformed Karoo Moon into what it is today. Continuing the traditions that Sheila passed on to her has helped keep us humbled by the natural beauty of wool, and inspires us to continue producing yarns that we can proudly say are unique in every single way.

We respect the time and effort each crafter devotes to their projects, and so we pay close attention to quality on each step of the road that our yarns travel before they reach your needles and hooks. Our yarns aren’t mass produced. Each ball is handmade and carries the touch of the communities and cultures that helped create it. Knitting or crocheting with our hand crafted fibres is something that we believe should be on every crafter’s bucket list, if even just to experience the playfulness of our signature Karoo Moon colours.


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